Comfortable and Safe Dog Carriers

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Dog owners do not like to leave their dogs behind while traveling, shopping, or participating in outdoor activities. There are dog crates that can fit in the back of an SUV, station wagon, or van. The dog can be transported safely and let out on a leash at the final destination.

Some soft dog carriers can be used to bring the dog into shops and stores. The dog can be placed over one shoulder and set safely into the cart. Portable fencing or playpens are also available so the dog can be outside at the game or at a family reunion barbecue at a campsite.

A Forward-Facing Backpack

The K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier Backpack allows owners to bring the dog along and still have both hands free to participate in activities. Both owner and dog are safe and comfortable. Imagine bringing the dog skiing, cycling, traveling, and to the festival downtown. The possibilities for sharing adventures are virtually endless.

The cleverly designed K9 Sport Sack is available in four sizes, can hold a dog up to twenty-three inches long from collar to rear, and withstand a weight of up to thirty pounds. This affordable and lightweight solution can be washed by hand, line dried, and embellished. A name patch can be customized and placed on the back of the pack. The panel in back is made for Velcro and can also hold high visibility tape or safety lights.

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The newest version includes upgrades and new accessories to improve comfort, stability, and safety. A whistle clip and safety D-ring stabilizes the backpack. A longer strap across the sternum and more comfortable shoulder straps makes carrying the dog easier than ever before. The rest pad has mesh strips on the sides so ventilation will keep the dog from becoming overheated.

Dog goggles and sunglasses in a variety of colors and styles provide eye protection fro sunlight, wind, rain, or snow. Lightweight pouches can be ordered that are fitted to the side of the carrier. These can hold water, snacks, and little bags. A booster is also offered so the dog can sit comfortably and see over your shoulder while enjoying the ride. Customers can visit here to get full details on accessories.

Ordering information and forms, explanation of the return policy, and specifics about the warranty can be found at Do not leave the dog behind when taking it along is so easy, affordable, and comfortable.

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